Social Media Communities & Links

interestedBecause there tend to be so few women working on job sites, many tradeswomen rely on social media communities to meet other women working in the industry.  Below are links for some of the more popular tradeswomen’s groups on Facebook and through other social media applications.

Tradeswomen Communities on Facebook:

Sisters in the Building Trades

Pride and a Paycheck

Western Tradeswomen’s Programs on Facebook:

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (Portland, OR)

Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women (ANEW – Seattle, WA)

The National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues (TWTF):  TWTF is a national coalition that works to advance tradeswomen’s causes through grassroots advocacy.

Women Build Nations: Women Build Nations is the annual national tradeswomen’s conference sponsored by the North American Building Trades Unions.  The conference takes place during the first weekend in May each year.

Tradeswomen Tuesday Blog:  Tradeswomen Tuesday is a bi-monthly blog published by the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues that profiles women working with the tools.

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